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“If I was a different kind of writer,” I told Madeleine this summer, “I would say that children from the Pacific Northwest are cold and distant because they grow up looking towards mountains and trees much taller than they. The people around them are too small; they don’t care for them at all.”

I’m bowed by the bitterness, but, it’s not true; it’s not, I don’t think. I’ll miss it a lot.

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Autumn began at the end of August in Vancouver. Leaves started falling that early, and now two-thirds of the trees are emptied and the leaves are in sheaves on the sidewalks and curbs. I’ve never seen fall last so long; heretically, I thought the other day, “it’s okay if fall is over soon.” I’m used to Philadelphia, where the season only ever lasts a week. This seems to last so long that we’re almost calloused to the beauty.

Over the weekend, though, I was in Philadelphia, and when I went out Tuesday morning, Vancouver had changed since I left. It was winter-coat weather, cold and brisk — snapping, cool, beautiful, perfect, wonderful; the kind of weather I don’t remember having in years and ages. Every morning, the grass and leaves are covered in sharp, silver frost; the grass is stiff and crackles under your feet, like crusty snow. It’s wonderful and beautiful and I love it so much.

Have a photo of a tiny little island, from our whale-watching trip.

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I write to you to report that I have lived a week without a computer and survived — nay, thrived. My old MacBook recovered its life today, yet who knows how long the poor thing will be still with us? It can hardly run two tabs at a time these days.

I’m reading a mile a minute — sorry, 1.6 kilometers per minute — but I don’t feel much desire to type things out here. I’ll try to, though. I suspect the thrill of hitting publish today will be enough to provoke me back to it.

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