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Fabulous artificer.

— Hello! It’s young Dedalus! What’s up?
— The sky is up, Brother Michael said.
James Joyce, A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man

The top photo looks a lot like one from a momentous day in August. That mending-day was Day 3 of three decision days: the morning after writing that post, I turned in my withdrawal from study abroad and chose to go back to school at home. So glad I did.

Bon Iver – Beth / Rest (Work Drugs Remix) by Work Drugs

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Amateur pictures of inanimate objects.

I wish I could show you this cookie sheet for real. It’s scratched and stained and mine.

We’ll pretend that’s some kind of deep statement and find some fromaggi-ay.

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Raise their hands.

And the people bowed and prayed
Oh! I love you a lot; Oh! I love you from the top of my heart
And you can see through my mistakes
Oh! I’ll tell it to you now; Oh! I’ll tell it from the top of my heart

   All Delighted People (Original Version), Sufjan Stevens

Cookies today; a deer in Steilacoom this summer; and a list E and M made for me on the art museum steps in August, 2010 (including: photographer, motorcyclist, mortician, bro).

I’m blogging, Alina’s laughing, and Madeleine is tearing up about how much she loves her Seattle library. This is school.

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