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Today I wanted to do handsprings.

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Sleepovers and sparklers.

i feeel like it captures many aspects of your

“Imagine,” one blogger says about French band Caravan Palace, “if swing and electronica had a baby.” I’d be so in awe of and intimidated by her. Listen: NPR has more from 2010 and this June.

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In the New Yorker, James Wood calls Psalms “the noisiest book of the Bible,”

the very book that dramatizes, again and again, the gap between our language and the indescribable God, between our certainty that God is with us and our anxiety that he has abandoned us, between his cosmic proportions and our comic littleness.
Desert Storm: Understanding the capricious God of the Psalms

All your breakers and waves have surged over me.

Klingande – Jubel

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