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Hey there. It’s been a while. I’ve got some thoughts about returning to writing and taking pictures again soon, but they’re still only thoughts.

For now, I can tell you that Fleming Rutledge’s The Crucifixion was my favorite book I read in 2018, with Iris Murdoch’s The Green Knight runner-up. It took me over a month of 2019 to slog through Murdoch’s The Sea, the Sea; I’d been told to read it several times, but it was my least favorite of hers so far. And I know I read something else before that, but I can’t remember what, and that suggests it wasn’t a win.

I can tell you that Bon Appetit’s Adult Mac & Cheese is worth getting down by memory and feel, without measuring cups; it’s not revolutionary, but it’s quick and just a few ingredients and less frustrating than cacio e pepe. Alison Roman’s The Stew, as Instagram calls it, is worth the hype.

Finally, I’ve been thinking about Chuck DeGroat’s words on Transfiguration Sunday & Ash Wednesday. I am a speck of dust. The world was made for me.

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An introvert’s energy.

I was thrilled to get home this afternoon to find the Jerusalem cookbook arrived. Sarah sent it as a thank-you gift for setting up her (not-yet done! oh, Sarah, you are the patientest) blog. I’ve been reading through the opening pages — besides the typical introduction, there are short, couple-of-page long essays/notes on Jerusalem culture, history, and so forth.

“The energy of Jerusalem is introspective,” Ottolenghi and Tamimi (the former from a Muslim and the latter a Jewish background) write. “It is born out of an interplay between the peoples that have been coming and going for millenia, and the spirit that seems to hover among the olive trees, over the hills, and in the valleys. It is not through anything material but through faith, learning, devotion, and, sadly, fanaticism that Jerusalem gained its importance.” Though at Penn we say that everyone goes to Israel and that’s so old, it’s true, I want to; I want to see it and be there. Thinking lately and reading these pages and lines now, I’ve thought, maybe I know why I’m interested in and captivated by Jerusalem.

I’m on the cynical side when it comes to Europe and European cities — yes, I want to go and see and be there, but I love U.S. cities and how multicultural they are. I wonder if maybe I’m interested in and drawn to Jerusalem because it has a similar clash and jumble of people and thinking and places and foods and cultures and things. Maybe it’s that jumble, that mixing-bowl, that salad-bowl, that I like; maybe Jerusalem would be somewhere I really like and love. I’m excited to see. I’m looking forward to it.

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Let’s go back to Austin’s Jo’s and again drink two iced lattes in an sunny afternoon.

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