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Things I’m Super Into at the End of 2020.

The main reason I’m thinking about opening up the blog again was that I want a place to talk about all the things that I’m enjoying and that nobody wants to get texts from me about. For instance, radio shows. This is a couple decades late, but I finally understand why in old movies, the […]

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Identity, Part 1/Many.

Living in Israel has impelled me to write. Not since I was in middle or high school have I felt the need to write. I don’t like it. I don’t like it, because I’m not happy with my writing. My writing does not live up to the standards to which I hold myself. A reader […]

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Back to school.

What was supposed to be a fourteen-month stint has turned into two-years-and-a-bit, so this weekend I’m packing up to return to the Middle East after a few months in the States. I am tearful and lucky. It’s confusing living in so many places at once: Philadelphia, Durham, Jerusalem and Bethlehem. I often wake up and […]

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