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Why Avoid Amazon? (and Whole Foods and AbeBooks and Audible and Zappos and . . . )
See IndieBound’s Spotlight on Amazon and Robinson Meyer’s “How to Fight Amazon (Before You Turn 29)”, in the Atlantic. If the ethical arguments aren’t enough, consider Wirecutter’s “Welcome to the Era of Fake Products.”

Buzzfeed has a non-exhaustive-yet-enormous list of all the brands, businesses, and subsidiaries they were able to trace back to Amazon ownership.

Bookshop is an online-only bookstore designed to support independent booksellers.

I go to Powell’s (Portland, OR) and the Strand (NYC) for used books; both do also sell new. Powell’s ships orders over $50 for free.

For ebooks, I first go to OverDrive to access what I can through my library cards; if I can’t get what I need that way, I buy from Kobo.

Everything Else
The Coop Directory and Cooperative Grocer Network provide directories of grocery co-ops across the US.

Package Free Shop (NYC) sells low-waste household products. Orders over $25 ship for free; subscription orders are discounted.

I also buy from Best Buy, Target, Home Depot, Petit Vour (makeup), Prima Coffee Equipment, and B&H Photo and Video (camera supplies). For clothes I go to Poshmark, Garmentory, eBay, The RealReal, and Instagram accounts selltradeslowfashion and noihsaf.bazaar.