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Monthly Archives: January 2014

Shouldn’t talk about it.

Why have I never seen, in real life or on TV, someone put an iPhone in their back pocket for a life soundtrack/dance number? Yeah, I can tell you it’s a good idea.

Also, lots of espresso.

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Tonight I’m catching up on emails and drinking hot chocolateand listening to Sufjan Stevens’ All Delighted People, an album with always increasingly complex questions and feelings every time I listen. I want to urge you to hear, absorb, and think. Lie on your back on your floor, close your eyes, and absorb music and lyrics. Listen.

It’s quiet at home. Madeleine’s gone back to school, antsy in the house that we were supposed to be out of by now. Snow and rain somewhere on this continent cancelled the trip we were supposed to make this morning. My plotted calendar and packed bag look like strange leftovers of a dream or an April Fool’s; cruel or funny, I’m not sure. I was eating brunch in South Philly as I should have been moving over clouds and mountains.

Go, now; listen, think, do some reading. I’ll be back here for you tomorrow.

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Snow day.

Happy 2014.

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