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Monthly Archives: October 2013



The following film contains scenes which may cause viewers of a sensitive disposition to cry, weep, sob, wail, howl, bawl, bleat or mewl.
a Virgin Airlines disclaimer, quoted in Why We Cry on Planes

When I can, I drive somewhere by myself far away and I cry while I drive, because I’m tired, not physically but entirely, and for a long time and come back and everything will be better.

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Since the third or fourth week of Ana, I’ve been thinking about shook foil.

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it’s only with Robinson that I have actually felt what it must be like to live with a sense of the divine.
Mark O’Connell, in the New Yorker, “Why I Love Marilynne Robinson

This is why I love Housekeeping and, especially, Gilead. There, that; that’s what art’s for.

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