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Untranslated, undiscovered, witty, young.

In the introduction to his collection of Italian short stories, translator Lawrence Venuti writes that the stories “challenge familiar images” and the translations “pursue this defamiliarizing aim . . . at the level of the sentence.” He calls his authors “untranslated,” “undiscovered,” “witty,” and “young.”

In context . . . all of it quickly becomes intelligible and at points subtly suggestive, taking on meaning that go beyond the Italian text. . . The translations are design to give the reader another opportunity to travel: in their deviations from current English usage, they open up the reading experience to the foreignness of a different language for translation, although in a way that is enjoyably engaging. Such, at least, is my hopeful intention.

I have one paper left, and then junior year is over. We’ve had Fling and Time to Shine and Hey Day and two weeks of reading days and finals. And in three weeks, I leave for Rome.

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