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Noël; Noëlle.

I always go out to coffee with at the same place with one of my close friends when we’re home. She is the friend who taught me the best things: she makes sure we meet up every time we’re both home, drives me both ways if need be, and always, always cares.

I know she does this deliberately, as a decision. Noëlle cares so much about people; is so deliberate about staying with them even if she can’t talk to them for weeks at a time; is so deliberate about who she’ll invest in, especially and wholly. And she knows how nice it is when sometimes, for no reason, someone buys your coffee and a croissant to share.

And then, the other night, as I began the late-night stage of a frantic paper, a friend agreed to come study with me, and, out of nowhere, asked what he could bring me from Starbucks on his way over.

These people are the best. I want to be like them.

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