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He bought a 4-track tape cassette recorder and painstakingly composed 90-minute concept albums for The Nine Planets, The 12 Apostles, and The Four Humors. He read William Blake, William Wordsworth, and William Faulkner. At that time, in college, the world loomed large and daunting, and Sufjan’s music came to sound like a medieval woodwind ensemble waving swords and torches at the twelve-headed dragon of death.
Billions’ biography for Sufjan Stevens — read this, do.

This past July, I traced and labeled the map of Europe from our large atlas. The paper is still taped to the bookshelf by my bed at home where, if I lay on my right side, I can see it through closed eyelids as I sleep. I liked the map and I liked to look at it and trace it with my fingertip, but I didn’t often, and I didn’t learn it well. It’s very odd.

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