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Monthly Archives: August 2012



Some things that happened this summer: coffee, late nights, and reunions. It was a good, weird summer.

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Words coming soon.

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Almost enchanted.

Speaking about LSD:

You get hints of this, you see the world in this transfigured way now and then—not to the same pitch of intensity, but something of the kind. It does help you to look at the world in a new way. And you come to understand very clearly the way that certain specially gifted people have seen the world. You are actually introduced into the kind of world that Van Gogh lived in, or the kind of world that Blake lived in.
Aldous Huxley’s Paris Review interview

I wonder how Huxley thought van Gogh saw things. I identify with his kind of sight.

P.S. No way — more van Gogh on the blog’s second week sort-of birthday. Mysterious.

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